Creative Futures Programme Day 3: Social Media and Digital Marketing

This was one of my favourite days on the Creative Futures Programme, which convinced me that I can set up my own business and believe that I have good ideas.

Young People Insight

Discussions and debates were in full flair during day three of the creative programme with charity, Lives Not Knives, and Hip Hop artist, Rodney P.  Today’s interactive workshop was on social media, which we are all familiar with as young people, but we were given an insight into how to use social media as a marketing tool, which many of us were not so familiar with.

The workshop was presented to us by  a charismatic and motivating young woman, Hannah Witton, who recently graduated from university and is using her social media expertise as a freelancer.

Hannah used YouTube as a launch pad,  by posting vlogs she made about “random stuff” to the website.  What initially started as a hobby eventually morphed into a money-making opportunity, and it was the use of social media to promote her channel that helped Hannah to gain 50,000 subscribers.

Hannah kicked off the workshop…

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