All Chip In: Making Young People’s Dreams a Reality

I think that this initiative by All Chip In is an amazing opportunity for young people. There needs to be more things in place like this.

Young People Insight

I have previously mentioned that young people struggle with finding things to do, partly due to a lack of funding, but there is an organisation that can provide the solution to this problem.

All Chip In is an organisation that intends to make young people’s dreams a reality by using social media to raise funds.  Sharlene Williams, co-founder of All Chip In, said: “Our mission is to help young people get over the financial barriers that hinder their dreams!”

Although All Chip In works in a similar way to the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter, it is quite unique, because it has been created specifically to meet the needs of young people.  The organisation believes that “if people can come together to develop businesses, we must be able to do the same for the development of our young people”.

The way that it works is by young people filming a campaign idea…

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