Those Basketball Players

When I tell people that I like to watch basketball and that it is my favourite sport, there are many of them that ask if it is the sport or actually the players that I like watching.  It is the sport itself that I like watching; however, the players are an added bonus and man do I love those basketball players.  They have been on my mind a lot recently, so I just had to write a little bit about them

Kobe Bryant was my first basketball crush and he was a small part of the reason that I initially became a Lakers fan.  My crush on Kobe ceased a long time ago and although I do not think that he is as gorgeous as he once was, Kobe is still one of my favourite players.  My attraction to Lakers players continued when I had a big thing for Pau Gasol, but that also is now a thing of the past.

I remember the short time I spent liking Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis, both for different reasons.  There was something about Kevin’s attitude that I was attracted to, whilst a dream about Anthony led me to like him.  I was into Jon Scheyer and Gordon Hayward after watching them play in the Duke v Baylor National Championship game, although I definitely would not be into them now.

However, there are certain basketball players that I am crazy about now.  I have loved Seth Curry ever since he played at Duke and I watched his cute face mature into the really gorgeous face he has now.  He also has a really beautiful smile and a 3-point shot that I like to watch.

Then there is the two UConn guards, Shabazz Napier and Ryan Boatright.  There were a load of cuties and gorgeous guys with great game in the NCAA Tournament this year, but it was these two that stood out to me (followed closely by Kentucky’s James Young).

Shabazz Napier is cute with a great smile, but it is his cheeky and commanding character that I love, whilst Ryan Boatright is so fine and he is full of heart which accompanies his big personality.  These two gave me so much jokes in the National Championship game.

Now we come to my two ultimate favourites – the two guys from the San Antonio Spurs that I am wild about.  There is the very cute and meek Kawhi Leonard with the huge hands and cornrows, which surprisingly for me, I want him to cut off (or maybe just pull into a ponytail).  Despite being quiet, Kawhi has great game and I love watching him on the court, especially when he is defending.  I’d really love to hang out with him to find out what his personality is really like though.

And there is Tim Duncan – words cannot even describe how much I am into him.  He is too much for me and he manages to make me laugh whenever the Spurs play.  Timmy is sweet, humble and very, very cute.  I am crazy about his vacant look and I love that he has grown his hair this NBA season.  He looks like someone who would be really cool to be around and as I’ve said before, I would not say no if he asked me out on a date, even if that does make me weird.

I really do love the game of basketball and I can’t wait to go to a live game that I can properly remember one day, but I really am crazy about those basketball players.  It would be great if one day they were taking me out after a game.


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