Violent Crime: A Growing Issue

I can’t comprehend why individuals think that violence is a solution; it only leads to more problems.

Young People Insight

It is disturbingly worrying to see so many young individuals turning to violence to resolve certain situations.  What is worst, however, is that they are turning to weapons to carry out their violent crimes, which results in further trauma.

In this world, it appears that we have a problem with communication, especially us young people.  We spend countless hours using technology and prefer to communicate via Twitter, WhatsApp or Snapchat, which makes communicating in the real world a lot harder.

There are numerous issues, arguments or disagreements that can or could have been solved through effective communication, but instead we get agitated or offended, which leads to further problems and in some cases, violence.

In America, we see that individuals have turned to guns, while here in England, individuals have turned to knives.  It seems like it is easier to take someone out or cause them harm, rather than talk…

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