A Great Plan

God has a great plan in store for me.  I know that I have said this to you a few times, but I am sure of it.

My God is going to do something real great for me, real soon.  I can feel it.

Although things in my life are not perfect, even though I am broken and struggling through, trying to pursue my writing career with no job, I know that God is working something out right now.  I know this, because God has always got my back and He knows how to create good from the bad.

When I cried all those tears and shouted out in anger to God over Him not allowing me to find a work placement after all of the searching and hard work I had put in, He was patient with me and made the way for me to see that fashion was not the route for me.  I had been avoiding that fact all throughout my university life, as I continuously tried to fight for something I had spent so long planning and trying to control.

God had to take action to ensure that I would make the changes He knew I needed to make my life better, and I’m so glad that He did.

Not finding a placement was one small part of my life – although it seemed huge at the time – that set the wheels in motion for the new stage of my life where I let God take control and guide me to where I need to be.

So even though I may not be in the easiest place right now, I can be assured that God is still at work and the plan He has set in place for me will be great.


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