Am I The Problem???

Am I The Problem?

Am I the problem is the question that I have been continuously asking myself, especially over the past few weeks.

For some reason, a number of my friends seem to stop caring and distance themselves from me.  The guys that claim to like me are either dishonest or disloyal, whilst the others play games or just simply start acting as if I don’t exist.

I started to believe that I was the problem and that something was wrong with me, as it seemed like I was so hard to care about.

However, my sister rightly pointed out to me that I wasn’t the only person this happened to, so I should not put so much pressure on myself.  She also agreed with a friend of mine, who said that it was not about me, but rather about changes in situations and the people in question.

I have listened to both of them and I can now see that it is not me who is the problem.  Yes, I sometimes bring certain situations upon myself and no, my actions are not always perfect, but I am not usually the problem factor.

The world is just unfair, which makes people unfair and that can hurt sometimes.  However, I can now turn around and say that I am not the problem.  The others are the problem and they are the ones who have lost out on having me in their life.



  1. I think we all go through this. Have you reached out to them and asked If maybe they’re going through something? I know i tend to distance mysel from ppl when I have issues. Or just ask them – did I do something? If they never answer then you’re right you ARE better without them.

    1. It’s reassuring to know that you can empathise with me. I’ve reached out to some of them and I know that some of them are going through something, but it can get to the point when it is too much. There are also times when I simply don’t want to ask, as it can hurt too much.

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