Life is hard.

Touching and inspiring words that speak truth. I could not have put this any better myself.

Altogether Beautiful

Life is hard. There. I said it. Media and society are constantly telling us that life is perfect, life is good, life is beautiful. And honestly that’s a lie. Life is difficult and messy and downright sad sometimes. But maybe that’s what makes it beautiful. Perfection is boring. Sometimes I think we need to stumble a bit to throw us off a routine because in today’s world it’s like we’re walking zombies. Wake up, go to school or work, get home, go to sleep, repeat. We constantly have our noses in our electronic devices and sometimes we just need a smack in the face to wake us up. So yes, difficult times are terrible, but I am also grateful that I have them, and that we all have them. I’ve made mistakes and still do on a daily basis. I go through tough times. I am flawed. But beautifully flawed…

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