My Young People

I have so much love and care for my fellow young people, so I ultimately want the best for them.  I am still a young person myself, which is why the young generation means so much to me and I want to see them succeed.

As I have embarked on my writing career and become associated with the charity, Lives Not Knives, I have come to the realisation that I want to have a special focus on young people and work with them.

I have been searching for my journalism niche over the past few months and while I enjoy writing event reviews, writing about young people is where my passion really lies.  I not only want to address their issues, but I also want to try to get to the root of them and find a solution.  I also want to focus on all of the good that young people are doing and highlight the organisations that are helping them.

It is going to take a lot of work and research, but I want to be a voice for young people and help the older generation see the young people the way that I see them.  These are the individuals who are so smart and talented, with bags of potential.

However, I need young people to interact with me if this is going to happen and not a lot of them seem to be responsive.  As young people, we want our elders to listen to us and take us seriously, but the majority are not willing to speak up and make a difference.  I want young people to realise that it all starts with us and that if we work together, then we can make a change.

I want to start up forums, discussion groups and perhaps even networking events for young people.  I want to develop community engagement, perhaps by starting workshop orientated events or even putting on exhibitions.  This project could grow and possibly lead to a magazine or even a full length documentary, giving young people the voice that they deserve.

Young people are also my target audience when I write stage plays and it is young people who make up my cast.  I intend to put on more plays in the future, hopefully on a proper theatre stage, and witness to a larger group of young people.  It could even turn into a young person’s theatre/drama group, who knows?

I am so passionate about young people and I want to do all that I can to help them thrive, but I need my fellow young people to get on board and support me.  I know that there are many young people with a lot to say and I want to hear it, because we are the future and we have the capacity to make a change.

I’ve always said that I want to make a difference, but I was unsure as to how I would do that.  However, I now know that working with young people is my way to make that difference and I am determined to do all I can to make it happen.


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