A Frightening Increase

It is a little frightening to see the rate at which knife crime is increasing.  It is ridiculous to hear about an individual being stabbed at least once a week, and what makes it worse is that most of these stabbings are in my home of South London.

I think that stabbings are unnecessary and I don’t understand why they are becoming such a frequent occurrence.  Life is precious and I can’t fathom why people have such a lack of respect for it, especially the young people.  When you hear about stabbings, it is usually the young people who are carrying out and on the receiving end of the stabbings.

It is like they see using a knife as an easy way to get what they want or a necessary way to gain “respect”.  They do not think about the consequences and in the blink of an eye, that blade could cost an individual their life.

I understand that there are times when an individual can find themself in a sticky situation, but using a knife is never the answer.  All it does is cause further pain and leads to a reign of terror on the streets.

I hate that I am continuously seeing an increase in knife crime and I am seriously wondering if it is too late to stop it.  We need to step up and do something, which is an issue that I have addressed in my article for The Croydon Citizen.


  1. Here in the United States, it is a shame that young people are killing young people. The reason for the slaying is sometimes trivial. It is over a jacket, jewelry or something else. We need to learn to pray for our young generation. It is not just the teenagers, but children are killing children. One little boy killed his cousin by using a gun. He saw it happen on television. He decided to try it on his cousin, and the little boy died. He did not know the dangerous consequence of using a gun.

    1. It is a real shame that is happening. I don’t know why us young people insist on hurting each other, especially when it is over the most pointless things. More and more children are hurting children, which terrifies me the most. They are witnessing things that they do not understand and then acting them out in their lives, which is resulting in horrific and sickening consequences. The younger generation will always be in my prayers and I hope to make some sort of difference to their lives, especially for the good of my future children.

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