Breaking My Heart

The way you no longer care about me is breaking my heart.

We were supposed to be friends, we were supposed to be close, we were supposed to have a genuine connection.

When I first met you, we instantly clicked and for me, that doesn’t happen with many people.  We got on great from the start, we were comfortable around each other and we could talk like we’d been friends for ages.  In spite of the age difference, I thought this is someone that I can definitely have a close friendship with.

And a close friend is what you became as we spent more time together.  I actually found myself being able to confide in someone else, after the decline of two of my closest friendships.  You were one of the few people who I confided in and let into my heart, but I won’t be making that mistake again.

You don’t check up on me, you don’t take any notice of me and it’s like you have little interest in talking to me.  You don’t miss me anymore, you no longer want to see me and you are making no effort to meet up.  It feels like you are constantly lying or that the kind words you spoke were lies in the first place.

I just don’t know why you felt the need to say those amazing, sweet things, because I did not ask to hear them and I would feel a lot better if I had never heard them.  I simply don’t understand how you could seem to care so much and truly value me in your life, but then drop me and stop caring at the drop of a hat.  I’m wondering if our friendship ever meant anything to you at all.

You’ve left me heartbroken and that is causing me so much pain, so I am leaving you behind and cutting you out, because I cannot take anymore.  You don’t have to worry, as I’m done trying and I’ve closed the door on you.  I will never stop caring about you or loving you, but I have to do this for me, because you are breaking my heart.



  1. Sweet baby. I know exactly what you are going through. Especially with the “I love you” within two weeks, the “I want to marry you in two months,” “I’m taking you to my parents for thanksgiving and Christmas . The boom some crap excuse why we can’t be together. You feel what you fell now: anger, discarded, just pure hate. After a year it will subside. Take pleasure in that.

  2. Wow =/ I can truly relate with this post as I have recently had this happen to me in a sense. I used to talk to this person everyday. We laughed, we chatted, he confided in me and vise versa. Then one day he deleted me from skype because he couldn’t tell he who his real friends were. As far as I knew I haven’t done anything to give him any indication that I wasn’t real but then after further reflection I realized that it was my own fault for thinking I was different or special to him. It really hurts to lose someone you thought of as a friend and someone close.

  3. I guess we’ve all been there. I have experienced this very recently … so I can relate. It hurts. But it hurts less when you start letting go, not overthinking and trying not to get in contact – when you do and there is no reply it hurts even more. So, I guess the best advice is to really try to let go (it is hard, very hard) and occupy yourself and your mind with other nice things that are around you. Take care!

      1. Good job! Surround yourself with the people who make you feel good, not those who make you feel like the last thing on their mind 😉

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