A Touching Inspiration

During a concert yesterday, my uncle told a touching, sad but incredibly inspiring story.

A young street kid in Bolivia was taken in by a charity and he was always willing to help.  He was later involved in a car accident involving some other young children and suffered horrific injuries, but in the ambulance he repeated the phrase, “I’m going to live”.

Those in the ambulance said, “Yes, you’re going to live, just hold on”, but the little boy looked out of the window and said that he would live with Jesus forever when he returned.

There were tears in my eyes then and there are tears in my eyes now, as I recall how someone so young could not only be so strong but have such amazing faith.  This was a street kid who probably did not know a lot about Jesus beforehand, but he now had the belief that he would see Jesus on that great day when he returned.

I was truly inspired by this short story about this little boy and I want to be able to display the same strong faith that he did in his time of great need.  Like it says in the Bible, a little child shall lead them.

Sadly, but as I expected, the little boy succumbed to his injuries and did not make it. This stirred up mixed emotions inside of me and brought tears to my eyes, especially because of the song that choir were singing to accompany this story.

It was probably incredibly emotional for a lot of people, as the choir sung about us being able to finally see the loved ones we’ve lost again and no longer having to feel the pain of grief when Jesus finally comes to take us home.

“No more tears / Comfort each other with these words / No more pain / Comfort each other with these words” were the inspiring words that were beautifully sung by the Croydon SDA Gospel Choir.

I look forward to the day when my Jesus returns and I no longer feel pain, I won’t cry any more tears and I will see the loved ones I’ve lost.  And hopefully I’ll be able to meet that special little boy from Bolivia, who inspired me and deeply touched my heart.


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