Step Up

Guys can be so clueless sometimes.  They do weird things and some of them just do not understand how to speak to females.

I personally think that some males need to learn how to approach and speak to females.  They are likely to get a much better response if they did.

I also think that some guys need to figure out how to behave when they like a female, instead of sending mixed signals, playing games or making the girl feel like she needs to chase.

You know how much I love guys, but you also know how much they can annoy me at times.  I wish they had a better understanding of females and that they would just get a clue.

But most of all, I want a guy who will just step up and ask me out.



  1. Oh gosh! You sound like ma some years ago. Guys were just plain stupid but eventually I figured out how they think and it made interacting with them easier. They didn’t understand me any better but I knew what they were thinking, when and why. I also intimidated guys but they beauty was in the moments a few guys would be bold enough to approach me. Don’t worry, let them be. They’ll come around.

  2. I feel like communication is key to any type of relationship, irrespective of gender. Being honest, forthright, and polite are all positive qualities that can help build bonds with other people. Hopefully the guys in your life realize this!

  3. In general, few guys take time to express themselves. But the genuine ones will come to you. It’s all about individuals. Open up, speak up and express yourself to the right people – those are the mantras for better communication and understanding.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thank you for your informative words, I will definitely bear them in mind. I just wish I knew who the genuine ones were, because it’s becoming a lot harder to find them these days.

  4. It’s not that easy for some guys. I mean, that’s what i heard.. 😉 Of course, many are just douchebags who don’t want to behave. But some are just shy what makes it even harder to speak to a girl they like.

    1. Yeah, I totally understand that it’s not easy for some guys and I respect that. However, even when a girl may make them feel at ease and show some sort of interest, they still mess around or pull away. I get that some guys are shy, but they should be able to speak to the girl they like eventually. There is only so much I would be willing to take.

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