By Faith

When studying my Sabbath School lesson today, I was instructed to read Hebrews 11.  I get excited every time that I read Hebrews 11, which happens to be the faith chapter.  I love reading about the different examples of faith shown by characters throughout the Bible and the strength that these characters exude.

Hebrews 11 is definitely my favourite chapter in the Bible, not only because of the inspiring character studies, but because I feel that faith is incredibly important.  In my opinion, you can believe in God, but having faith in God is completely different.

The individuals referred to in this chapter had a very strong faith in God, which led them to do great things and set them up for even greater rewards in the future.  These individuals inspire me, because I want to have a faith that strong and be able to put that faith into action, without questioning what God has in store for me.

I have struggled with my faith in God at times and believed that my faith was stronger than it actually was.  However, over the past year, my faith in God has grown in leaps and bounds.  I can pray in faith and know that God will do what is right for me.  I can act in faith and live the way that God wants me to.

I am just so glad that God knows what is best for me and I am thankful for the great things that He is going to do with my life, but more than that, I’m glad that I am finally listening to his voice and having faith in the plans He has for me.  I have made so many mistakes by ignoring His voice and wanting to have my own way.

All who are mentioned in Hebrews 11 had to face a difficult road at times, but they knew that God would come through for them, because they stood firm in their faith.  I want to stand firm just like them and become what God wants me to be, as I live by faith.  I know that it will be hard at times, but my reward will be so worthwhile.


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