Driven Crazy with Excitement

Tonight is the men’s basketball National Championship game and I am crazy excited.  This is big finale of the college basketball season and it is what my beloved March Madness has built up to.

I never expected to be watching Kentucky and UConn battling it out for the title, but that is the beauty of this competition; you never know what is going to happen.  It is going to be the fight between a seventh and an eighth seed, which a creates a very high total when added together.  It is not the norm for a national championship game.

Both Kentucky and UConn have fought hard to get to this point and they have good stories behind them.  Kentucky has found a way to make it to the final stage of the season after having such a rough start and losing big to a number of teams, in spite of their raw talent.  UConn came back strong this post-season after missing out last year, due to their academic failings.

UConn is led by a group of seniors and juniors, whilst Kentucky is led by their five freshman in the starting lineup.  Most of Kentucky’s starting lineup are likely to be one-and-done players, but I wish that they would spend longer in college to mature, develop and hone their skills – I strongly dislike all of this one-and-done business.  UConn’s Shabazz Napier is a senior who has shown how much he has grown and matured through his four years at college, and I want more players to follow his example.

I am incredibly excited about watching what I know is going to be a great game, but what adds to the excitement are three players that I love from the two teams.

Shabazz Napier is a cutie with great game; I just love the way he plays.  I call the way he plays sexy, because he has such swagger and he is so slick.  He is really quick, which I love, and he’s knows how to handle to basketball.

Ryan Boatright is a junior who plays for UConn and I think that he is so fine.  Watching him on the court puts a smile on my face, not only because of his good looks, but because of the intensity he brings to the game.  Ryan is always pumped and I love seeing a player getting excited, as it just increases the excitement for me.  The emotion displayed by basketball players is a beautiful thing.

And then there is Kentucky’s James Young. I do not care if he is an 18-year-old freshman; I think that this guy is really, really fine.  Seeing him on my TV screen drives me crazy every, single, time.  I not only think he has a lovely face, but I also love watching him play.  He has got game and a swagger that drives me wild.  I desperately want him to stay in college a little while longer, but I look forward to watching him play in the NBA.

Although I’ve got a lot of love for James Young, I want to see UConn go on and win the game.  I think that their veterans fully deserve it and I am slightly biased towards them because of my support for the UConn ladies.  I really want to see both the men’s and women’s teams from UConn win a championship in the same year, especially when the success of the men was so unexpected.

I cannot wait for tonight; the excitement is building up within me.  All I can say now is bring on the National Championship.


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