Finding Our Happiness in God by Jessica Sisson

I totally agree with what has been written and I have been saying something very similar to this a lot recently.

Movement Youth Ministry

We are so easily deceived into thinking that earthly things can make us happy when in reality, those things don’t last forever. We tend to place our happiness in things that soon disappear and then once they’re gone, we’re left feeling empty and not happy anymore. So why do we continue to do this?

We do it because we’re humans…it’s that simple. However, it’s not an excuse to not fix our habits. Once we fully understand the Kingdom of God, nothing else will matter. Once we place our happiness in Christ knowing that the gift that we’re given after a life of obediently pursuing Him is eternal life WITH Him, then that’s when everything else comes second to God. That’s when we truly place our happiness in Christ, that’s when we place our happiness in Someone who doesn’t last temporarily, but instead IS ETERNAL. 

It’s okay to want things…but there…

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