Judging Each Other

As humans, we are constantly judging each other.  We pass judgements on things like appearance, the way that someone speaks, the way they carry themselves and how they may have behaved on that first time you saw them, but these things do not tell you the truth about a person.  There are countless individuals who are not what they seem.

Although I sometimes find myself judging people or coming across as judgemental, I do not think that we should be judging anyone, because we do not have the right.  If I find myself judging someone, I catch myself quickly or apologise if it is pointed out to me, because I do not want to be that person.

We don’t know the full extent of a person’s stories or what hidden layers they have beneath the surface of their exterior.  A male in a hoodie, sagging trousers, trainers and a hat does not make him a gang member or a criminal, whilst a male in a suit and shiny brogues may be hiding the fact that he is a criminal involved in a scheme that is robbing you blind.

Not every boyish looking female is a lesbian and not every female wearing a short skirt and showing some cleavage is “loose or “easy”.  A camp guy is not necessarily gay and just because an individual uses slang, it does not make them uneducated.  A person may appear innocent, but it could be a cover up for their unruly behaviour, and just because a person seems nice when you first meet them, it does not mean that they are actually a nice person.

We look at or treat people in a certain way based off some of the judgements and stereotypes that we have built up in our heads, which is completely unfair.  We do not have all the facts, but we create these visions and ideals of individuals in our mind and they stick; we do not even consider how our actions might affect those we come into contact with.

We are too quick to label people, which is something that I do not believe in.  Giving your opinion on someone’s behaviour is one thing – as long as you have the facts – but putting a label on them is another thing all together.  We are human beings, not branded products.

Sometimes people only allow us to see what they want us to see and there are many people who keep the stories of their heart quiet, which means that we only have pieces and not the completed puzzle.  These are factors that we need to take into consideration before we turn into walking judges and ultimately cause individuals unnecessary hurt.

I belive that only God can judge us, because He sees everything we do, He hears our every word and thought, and most of all, He knows what’s in our hearts.  I have no right to judge anyone, because I am far from perfect and on equal ground with every human on this earth, which means that none of us should be judging any individual.  Only God has that right.


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