Being Vegetarian

I love being a vegetarian, I really do.  When people find out I am a vegetarian, they look at me with slight confusion and say “Really”.  Some of my friends still cannot believe that I am a vegetarian and try to tempt me with meat, but it doesn’t work.  I cannot understand why people are so surprised by my dietary choice, especially as there are a growing number of vegetarians at present.

I wasn’t always a vegetarian; I stopped eating meat about seven years and fish a few years after that.  However, I don’t miss eating meat and I never intend to give up my vegetarian lifestyle.  It is a good healthy choice, which I think is the best choice.  I also don’t like the taste of meat very much and I hate the texture of red meat, which makes my decision a lot easier.

I am a very strict vegetarian, which means that I am unable to eat certain sweets, due to the use of gelatin, and some crisps, due to the use of animal rennet or meat powder.  I sometimes miss Haribo, marshmallows and Sensations’ Thyme Chicken flavour crisps, but I have moved past it and there are still a variety of crisps and sweets I can eat.  At least I can still eat my beloved lollipops.

I really enjoy experimenting with vegetarian dishes, so that my meals do not get boring.  I am not a huge fan of soy products, although I do really like Linda McCartney’s sausages, pies, and sausage rolls, vegetarian mince, sausages and burgers, and some Quorn products.  I actually prefer to cook with vegetables and find new ways to make them taste great.

A favourite of mine is egg fried rice or vegetable fried rice, with a side of crispy kale.  I love stir fried vegetables with various accompaniments and I like vegetable pasta that is bursting with flavour.  Cheese-less pizza with various vegetable toppings and vegetarian fajitas are great dinnertime treats.  And an omelette with whatever filling I have at hand at the time is definitely one of my favourite things to cook.

Being a vegetarian is great and cooking a variety of vegetarian meals can be so much fun, as you introduce new dishes into your life.  I just love being a vegetarian and I refuse to turn back.

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