Forgiving You

I think that I’ve finally forgiven you.

After all this time and the years of heartbreak, after everything you put me through and after all the hurtful things you said, I think I’ve finally found a way to forgive you.

Although you did not take what I said entirely seriously and you did not face up to everything you did, I’ve managed to move past it and forgive you.

Despite you not giving me the closure I so desperately needed, God has helped me through it and I have found it in my heart to forgive you.

Now I can see you and speak to you without trying to avoid you, and I am willing to give you a hug without pulling away.  I think we’ll be alright now and some of that awkwardness will be gone, because I’ve finally forgiven you.



  1. Well done for managing to forgive someone who had broken your heart. It’s a tough road to go down, forgiveness, and the fact you managed to do it makes you a great person 🙂

      1. I trust you. I’m just baffled at how you managed to do so. I’m still light years away from forgiving someone who broke mine.

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