My men’s team lost last night in the round of 64 during March Madness.  I was heartbroken.

It was difficult to watch them struggle and see them play worse than I know they can play.  I was cheering them on and willing them to win, but I could feel it in my bones that a loss was on the cards.  I saw them down just three points and for some reason I thought, they’re going to lose today.

It always hurts when any of my college basketball teams or favourite players get knocked out of March Madness, but I get over it in a few days.  However, this was playing with my heart during the night and I found myself dreaming about the game, as I was unable to find out the final result until this evening.

Duke broke my heart and after watching the pitiful way that Jabari Parker played on the big stage, I think that he should spend another year in college.  He is not ready for the pros yet, no matter how much raw talent he may have.  I know that my UConn ladies are going to do me proud though; they’re amazing.


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