Youth knife crime: the most vicious of vicious circles

I’m so happy that my article on knife crime is finally live! This is an issue that means a lot to me, as I love my fellow young people and I hate to see them wiping themselves out.

Inside Croydon

Shaniqua BenjaminThe latest, and probably the most serious, scandal to blight Croydon has been this year’s spate of youth stabbings. SHANIQUA BENJAMIN, pictured, investigates what is driving young people to carry weapons

Two teenagers stabbed in the Whitgift Centre.  A 12-year-old boy stabbed outside Tesco Express on Whitehorse Road.  An 18-year-old male found stabbed on Queens Road.  A 16-year-old stabbed in West Croydon and a 21-year-old man stabbed in Thornton Heath.

Six stabbings in Croydon in just 10 days.

Yet according to sources who have been involved in knife crime in the borough, that is not the end of it. “There’s always a stabbing, but newspapers don’t always write about it,” says one 21-year-old who admits to being involved in knife crime in his youth.

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