Trying to Forgive

When studying my Sabbath School lesson this week, one of the Bible passages I read made a strong reference to forgiveness.  This made me think back to a post I wrote in the past on the topic of forgiveness and how I realised that I need to forgive some of the people in my life.

Reading Luke 6:20-49 was just what I needed during this week and as I meditated on the verses, it made me again realise that I had not really forgiven some of the people I have been associated with in my life.  This lack of forgiveness means that I still have issues with them and I find it difficult to give them a chance, making me cold, distant and uncomfortable around them.

I don’t want to keep holding on to any bitter feelings toward these individuals, as it does not bring anything positive to my life and it halts the process of moving forward.  It also means that I am holding on to the problems of the past, which I would prefer to remain in the past.

I know that part of the problem is linked to certain issues not being fully resolved or talked through, but I need to accept that this sometimes happens in life and we might not always get the type of closure we want.  However, learning to truly forgive may be the solution.

I’ve prayed to God about this on numerous occasions and I will continue to pray about it, because I really want to be able to forgive and move past whatever has happened, just like God does with us.  Like I keep saying, I am still a work in progress.


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