My Inspiration

I was recently engaged in a conversation when the person I was speaking to asked me who most inspires me.  This is a question that I do not get asked very often, so it took me a few seconds to come with the answer, but it wasn’t hard for me to tell him that the person who most inspires me is my granddad.

My granddad is one of the most amazing and unique individuals I know, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to call him my family.  He is a man who I respect, admire and look up to.  He is the only granddad I have ever known, which he has more than made up for.

He is one of the most friendly people who you will ever meet, which goes hand in hand with his caring nature.  He will speak to absolutely anyone, so I know that he will make any friend I have with me feel welcome.  His warmth and outgoing personality also means that he knows a ton of people, but he finds time for as many of them as he can.  Perhaps my caring nature comes from him.

My granddad is also full of joy and has the best sense of humour.  You will rarely see him down or in ill humour and he always has a joke on hand – his jokes have become so famous and have had such a strong influence on his children that they have been termed “Burton jokes”.  No matter what he is going through, he will always find a way to put a smile on your face.

I think that part of the reason that my granddad is so joyful is because of his faith.  I see the high level of faith that he has in God and that inspires me, because I want to have that type of faith as I go throughout my life.  I see how knowledgable he is about what he believes in and I feel so proud knowing how much I can learn from him.

But what most inspires me about my granddad is his strength.  I am sure that his strength also has a lot to do with his faith, but it is amazing to see how he has held on over the years.  He has fought through illness and you don’t hear him complain, which is amazing because I complain over such meagre things.

He has an inner strength that shines through and touches the hearts of many people.  It is his strength that allows him to remain as positive as possible in negative situations and it his strength that keeps him soldiering on.

My granddad is a huge inspiration in my life and I love him with all my heart.  I feel extremely privileged to be his granddaughter and I am glad of his continued presence in my life.  I hope that I can continue to learn from him and that I will eventually be as strong as he is.

My granddad is not only an inspiration, he is a blessing.


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