Life of a Girl

You know,  I love being a girl.  My parents originally thought that I was going to be a boy, but I’m glad that I turned out to be Shaniqua and not Shaquille.  I have embraced my femininity and never looked back.

I’m crazy about shopping.  I love pink.  I’m a huge fan of dresses and skirts, although I do like my jeans.  I like watching a good rom com or “chick flick” as they’re sometimes called.  And I enjoy getting pampered.

As a female, I’ve always loved the wide selection of clothes, shoes and accessories at my disposal.  I like how I can rate another female and make certain comments without coming across as odd.  I appreciate the chivalry that is shown by males, especially when they put their coats, hoodies or jackets around you when it’s cold.  I love how easy it is to pull off a guy’s hoodie.

Although I love being a girl, there are times when I wish I could be a guy for a day.  And then there are other times when I just dislike being a girl altogether.

Guys can go toilet standing up, which makes it easy for them if they’re stranded and desperate.  I would so love to be able to do that.  Guys can also get away with a lack of grooming, but a girl has to be doing that on a regular basis; however, I wish that guys would commit to more grooming.

I hate the unbalance between males and females, as I find it really unfair that a guy acting in a certain way is accepted but a girl would be talked bad about if she did the same thing.  And it really bothers me when women are looked down upon in the same sport as men.  I just want to get one thing straight right now, women’s basketball is as good to watch as men’s; in fact it’s sometimes better.  Yeah, I said it.

I don’t like the regular bitchiness between girls and the unnecessary dramas that they seem to thrive off of.  It bothers me when I see how easy it is to be left out as a girl, because most females seem to be less inviting and approachable than males.

I can’t stand when guys take a look at me and see that I’m very girly, so they start to make these sexist assumptions.  I am offended when they blow me off about basketball, as I know more about the sport than a lot of the guys I speak to, and it irritates me when they think that I wouldn’t be into action movies.  Don’t look down on me and assume that because I’m a girl, I shy away from “boyish” things.

Sometimes it can be really annoying to have to go through all of the different beauty regimes and hair styling, because it is as if we are constantly being critiqued on the way we look.  It is a long drawn out process, which is usually quite painful.

But most of all, I hate when that time of the month comes around.  That is a part of my female life that I wish could disappear and every time it comes, I wish that I could stop being a female.  The pain that I sometimes feel is awful and it scares me when I think of how much more painful childbirth is going to be, seeing as us females have to go through that too.

Being a girl has its many ups, but there are also some significant downsides to contend with as well.  However, I am ultimately glad to have been born Shaniqua and I would not have it any other way.


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