Sick World

As I look around at the various news items and hear the different news stories, the reality that we are living in a sick world continues to sink in.  There always seems to be a twisted crime or bizarre act that takes place, which confirms it for me.

I was exceedingly repulsed when I heard about a 12-year-old boy raping his 7-year-old sister after, because he wanted to experiment after watching porn.  I am disgusted whenever I hear about adults abusing their position and interfering with young children, and sometimes even killing them so that they stay quiet.

I am tired of the constant acts of violence in this world, as wars continue to break out and the young insist on killing the young.  As a young black woman, I especially hate hearing about black on black crime, when those from our past fought so hard for our future.

It makes me sick to my stomach to see that racism still has a strong presence and that it is mainly the young lives who are suffering the consequence.  I don’t like hearing about the horrible way that homosexuals are treated in some countries, as their sexuality does not stop them from being humans just like you and me.

Young children should not be taking drugs and those who are dealing should not even think to sell drugs to them.  Individuals should not be killing themselves because of severe cyber bullying.  Young girls should not have to be fighting for their lives just for the chance of an education.

There should not be such a strong obsession with appearance, which leads some people to completely alter their bodies using plastic surgery and can lead to severely negative outcomes.  Families should be able to put their older relatives in care homes and expect them to be properly looked after, without worrying about the risk of an early death or unnecessary accidents or harm at the hands of their carer.

The list could go on and on, because there are so many things that are wrong with this world and I hate it.  As time goes on, this world becomes a worse place to live in and it becomes evident that God is removing his presence from the earth.

Before Jesus comes again, things will get worse before they get better, which is a deeply horrible thought.  I am already tired of living on this earth, but I am reassured by the promise that this world is not my final home.

I have faith in my God and I know that He is getting me through life in the sick world that I have been forced to live in.  I just hope that I can make him proud by doing some good and spreading love to others, so that this world will be just a little bit better off.


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