There seems to be more and more possibilities coming up for me at the moment and it is putting a big smile on my face.  I feel overjoyed and incredibly blessed as I see the way that God is working in my life.

He has put me in a place where I have been able to meet a group of amazing people who have helped me again and again.  Their help has led me to meet other individuals, who have given me opportunities that seem to be opening doors for me.  My family is giving me a helping hand in any way they can, which is also paving the way for other possibilities.  There are even possibilities coming my way that I never ever expected.

There is a lot happening in my life right now and it seems that there is always something running through my mind.  I am regularly busy and I think that I allowed myself to become a little overwhelmed, because I have had the flu this week and my head has been going through some pain.

However, nothing will stop me from feeling truly blessed and thankful to my wonderful God.  And I just wanted to share how grateful I was with you all today, because I always want to shout it from the rooftops when I give my God the utmost praise.


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