An Intriguing Attraction

My sister said something to me the other day, which made me think and as a follow-up to my previous post, A Not So Straightforward Attraction, I thought I’d write a little bit about the things that intrigue me but also attract me.

I’ve written about how much I love Colin Kaepernick and how beautiful I think he is, but one of the aspects of his face that I love the most is his nose.  His nose actually drives me crazy.  I love the shaping and slightly bigger size of it, although his nose does not take over his face.

I’ve also got a lot of love for the basketball player, Manu Ginobili’s nose.  When I watch him play, I am actually obsessed with his nose.  Like Colin Kaepernick, Manu also has a very prominent nose, but I just think that it’s an amazing shape.  Manu Ginonili’s nose is actually what makes me kind of attracted to him.

However, one of my weirdest and most random crushes was on Barry Pepper who played Bobby Kennedy in the miniseries, The Kennedys.  I thought that he was so cute in that part and there was something rabbit like about his face, which I loved for some reason.  I was crushing on him for a good while much to my sister’s disbelief.

I’ve been attracted to a number of individuals for a number of different reasons and yes, some of them were quite weird reasons.  I think the weirdest “individuals” that I’ve been attracted to have been characters in cartoons – like Eric in The Little Mermaid, Lance in X-Men: Evolution and Kai in Beyblade – much to my sister’s dismay.  However, I know that I am not alone in this.

Attractions just aren’t straightforward and everyone is different.  There are a variety of factors that may attract me to a guy, but they might confuse someone else.  I simply like what I like and who I like.


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