Change in Weather

It’s been lovely to look out of the window and see the change in weather.  There has been so much gloom, wind and rain recently, so it makes me happy to see the sun shining and blue skies separating the clouds.

Waking up to the sun today put a big smile on my face, like it always does, and set me off for the day.  Seeing the sun and no rain is also like the weather’s way of telling me that spring is on its way, and you know what, I can’t wait!

March will already be here next week, which means that the winter month of February will be over and the months of spring will start.

I love spring, and the transition from the months of autumn and winter to the months of spring and summer always puts a bounce in my step and a huge smile on my face.

So I would like to say thank you Lord for this glorious sunshine and I look forward to the start of spring.  Have a beautiful day everyone 🙂


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