I love, love, love going for a walk and I loved reading this. Trust me, going for a walk really does wonders…

The Daily Danish

It’s such a simple thing, really.  Free and easy – yet I tend to forget how refreshing it is and how alive it makes me feel: going for a walk.

This is the second day in a row that the weather has been warm and beautiful…so wonderful, in fact, that I nearly felt beckoned outdoors.  Days like these are not meant to be wasted by staying cooped up inside.  I put the baby in the stroller, leashed the dog, and away we went to walk the circuit around the neighborhood park.

There is so much to see and hear by simply stepping outside the door.  My baby was made curious by the sound of a helicopter.  His eyes grew heavy as the warm wind rushed around him.  He squinted when the sun got in his eyes.  My dog was delighted to sniff the lamp posts, to eat the grass, and…

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