A Deep Love

Every time I hear I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden, a big smile decorates my face and my eyes close just a little bit as I lose myself in the words.  The music in this song is beautiful and I feel a little emotional when I hear it, because of the heartwarming, romantic lyrics.

I’m not a huge romantic and I’m not big on all the soppy love stuff, but I do want to experience the kind of love that takes my breath away when I eventually meet the one.

For the chorus of their song, Savage Garden sing: “I knew I loved you before I met you / I think I dreamed you into life / I knew I loved you before I met you / I have been waiting all my life”.  The words in this chorus are so deep and they exemplify the deep love that I want to feel some day.

I believe that there is someone out there for every person in this world and I know that when it is my time, God will send me the man I am destined to be with.  I would have been waiting all my life for that one person and I will know in my heart that I loved them before I even had the chance to lay eyes on them.  And when I finally did set eyes on them, it would be love at first sight.

I don’t need a man to complete me, but when I meet the right man we will immediately click and become one.  We’ll fit perfectly together like two jigsaw pieces and bring out the best of each other.

I have spent too much time searching for a guy or being on the look out for the man I am going to marry, but I have now learnt to sit back and wait, because God will send Him into my life when the time is right for both of us.  And when that happens, I will be happily waiting with open arms.  After all, I would have been waiting all my life…



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