What to Say?

There are a number of a occasions these days when I find myself wondering, what should I say or what should I do?  I sit there confused and pondering for a long time about what I should say in response to them or whether I should even start talking to a particular person at all.

Due to my loss of confidence and fear of the world, I found myself losing some of my conversational skills that had grown strong over the years.  Although I am gaining my confidence back and getting back out in the world again, I find that my conversational skills are sometimes lacking.  I’ve always struggled to express myself through speech anyway, which is why I prefer the power of written word.

Trying to figure out what to say is becoming a common occurrence in my life at the moment, especially with the weird direction that some of my relationships have been heading in.  I don’t want to come across as blunt, rude, fake or anything like that, so sometimes I simply decide not to reply.  I know that could seem rude as well, but I just have no idea about how to respond.

I also don’t know what to do when it comes to a number of people in my life.  Should I speak to them or let them come to me?  Should I ask what’s going on or if there’s problem?  Sometimes I just think why bother???

Deciding what to do or what to say can be difficult, confusing and just annoying, but it has to be done in this life and I need to do it to the best of my ability.  Eventually I’ll figure out what to say and in time I’ll definitely figure out what to do.



  1. oh dear soul, you could’ve written this for me. I feel like this all the time. Words seem to be too much work lately. And maybe this is why i like computer time. I can speak via my fingers. Is it my voice that doesnt work anymore or is it my brain stuck in low gear that refuses to function. I dont know. I dont think it’s depression. Is it laziness; the less I talk the less I talk?

    As for those you want to reach out..dont hesitate in extending at least a hand. We all need warmth and those who are most important to you should not be neglected. Somehow some way, find time for them. We are not islands, intended to be surrounded by cold water…but deep down all of us, no matter how introverted, need a few like-minded souls to keep us companionship and intellectual stimulation, plus a few laughs shared helps also. 🙂

    my best to you,


  2. I think writing words comes easier and you feel safer because there is no face to face worry over how they will react. Follow your heart and if you think someone might need you trust your instincts. I used to have a hard time speaking in crowds and I still don’t like being up in front of a room of people but now I do much better. I even sing in front of people! LOL I love to talk to people, even strangers. If I am in line I will strike up a conversation just to pass the time. I have made new friends this way! The more you do it the more comfortable you will become with it. Don’t worry about if someone is rude or blows you off or whatever. I learned a long time ago that even when I am nice to everyone they aren’t always nice back and if they choose to not like me then it is their loss cause I have lots of people who love me….

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