Positive Change

The start of 2014 hasn’t been perfect, but I feel that it’s been good and I like where this year is going.  For once in a long time, I feel that this really is going to be a good year for me and that has a lot to do with me becoming more positive.

When I think about the real me and the person I truly want to be, I see that I’m a naturally happy person and I want to be more positive as I continue throughout my life.  I’ve been stuck in a negative cycle for long enough and I’m tired of it, so I’ve done my best to leave that behind me and it seems to be working.

Although I have my down days or depressed moments or sad thoughts like everyone else, I’m a happier person overall.  I’m handling difficult situations in a better way than ever before and I’m not letting things or people get to me like they used to.  I don’t revel in my sadness, sit in my self-pity or get comfortable in my misery.

I’ve left people and relationships behind, because they were no longer adding anything to my life but pain, anger and self-doubt.  I’ve dropped particular aspects of my life, because they were bringing me down and causing depression, which is something I do not want.

I feel a sense of freedom as I continue to move forward, which is making me happier than I’ve felt in a very long time and people around me can see that.  A number of special people in my life have recently told me that I look good, happy or better than when they last saw me.

Knowing that those around me can see that I have a cheerful appearance and look better than I did in the past makes me feel great, because it means that my happiness is genuine.  There really has been too many times when I’ve been faking it to make it.

All of the steps that I’ve taken, the emotional detox that I went through and major decisions I’ve made have all been worth it, because I can see the positive change within myself and I know that with God’s help it will continue.  I’m just so glad that others can see it too.



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