Release by Ann Pitts

Powerful words that provide a blessing, which everyone can learn from.

Movement Youth Ministry

Going through pain is something we have all experienced. Whether it be a cut on our body or someone hurting our feelings, both types of pain give you an uncomfortable feeling. A lot of us let our pain dictate our lives.

If you think back a couple of months, I’m sure you can think of a time where you’ve been hurt. A lot of times, the negative can stick in your head better than the positive. I still remember when a kid pushed me off of the swing and called me “arm pitts” in kindergarten! But do I remember the day someone complimented my hair or outfit? No. It’s easy for us to let pain be a dictator of our lives when all that we remember is the day we were called a rude name or someone said something about us behind our back. But how do we not let…

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