I Love…

I love going shopping and seeing a gorgeous product you never knew you wanted, but just have to buy.

I love going shoe shopping and finding the perfect pair of shoes after a long period of time.

I love mixing up clothing items and finding outfits that shouldn’t go, but actually do.

I love my variety of bomber jackets and I am secretly hoping to buy some more.

I love to sit back and sketch fashion designs in my spare time – in fact, I just love to sketch.

I love art, whether it is viewing art or creating art – painting is definitely one of my favourite art forms.

I love to visit museums and galleries, especially when I have the opportunity to be immersed in the world of exhibitions.

I love that there are so many things to do and see around London.

I love living in my simple South London home.

I love the comfort of my bedroom and the feeling of sanctuary it offers me.

I love waking up to a sun-filled morning with the light shining through the window on my face.

I love when the weather starts to warm up after winter and the heat finally hits.

I love going for walks and feeling the sun hitting the back of my neck or the fresh air blowing on my face.

I love to read books and allow my imagination to run free, as I learn new words and pieces of information.

I love to feed my mind as I carry out research and expand my knowledge.

I love to experiment with food and create various dishes.

I love baking with my sister.

I love watching The Tribe, Strictly Come Dancing and Diagnosis Murder, as they are my favourite TV shows.

I love watching Disney movies, as well as black movies.

I love finding new movies and watching them with my sister.

I love when things turn out to be much better than you expected.

I love looking back on all the good memories I’ve had.

I love…


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