This Time of the Year

This is usually my favourite time of the year.  I love the whole Christmas spirit, all the Christmas movies, putting up the tree, going shopping last-minute with all the crazy crowds, wrapping presents and spending time with my family.

However, I wasn’t really feeling it this year and I found that for once in my life, I really wasn’t in the mood for Christmas.  I felt so over the whole thing and I just wanted the season to come to an end.  Various aspects seemed to be getting messed up and I just felt all wrong, preferring to just stay at home.

Yet when I finally got out of the house and spent time with my family over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, I had a really good time.  I felt relaxed, I got jokes, I enjoyed the family atmosphere and I had a lot of fun playing games.  To me, this is the main essence of the Christmas season and it is probably why I was able to brighten up on those days.

The novelty of Christmas has slightly started to wear off over the years for me and I find that it has become way too commercialised, but spending that special quality time with my family is something that I will always love.  Hopefully I’ll be in better spirits next year…



  1. I wasn’t feeling it this year either. Although I’m not a Christian, I do love spending quality time with the family. I think this happened to a lot of people this year, maybe it’s got to do with the hard times (socially and echonomically) we’re all going through, and with loved ones that are no longer here. It’s a widespread thing, let’s hope next year is different.

    1. Yeah, I think you’ve got a very good point there. So many people have been having a tough time this year, which may have effected how they felt once Christmas came round. Hopefully next year will be different.

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