I hate feeling uncomfortable.  It can make me feel annoyed or upset.  It makes me feel less confident, more self-conscious and prevents me from being myself.

When I find myself in an uncomfortable situation or feeling uncomfortable around certain people, I become a quieter individual and there is a part of me that automatically shuts down.

I’ve found that I no longer feel comfortable around most people and in a number of settings, which was not the case for me before.  There are now only a small number of people who I feel completely with, especially when I spend time with them one-on-one.

What makes it worse is that I feel like I don’t fit in this world and that there are many occasions when I am being left out, which is being rubbed in my face.

This is why I feel most comfortable with the individuals in my life who make time for me, who I have a connection with, who make me feel loved and special, who genuinely care and who make it clear about where I stand with them.

I hate feeling uncomfortable and I don’t want to be continuously feeling this way, but it is something that I’m just going to have to deal with and work through.  I’m just glad that there are at least some people in my life that I feel comfortable with.


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