Getting My Fashion Mojo Back

Although I have no plans to return to university in the near future, I feel like I am finally starting to get my fashion mojo back and I love it.  It feels great to have the freedom to create designs and read fashion magazines just because I want to and not because I have to, without all of the added pressure.

I spent some time this weekend sketching fashion designs, using different things around me for inspiration and I realised just how much I missed it.  I’ve got so much love for sketching, drawing, painting and other artistic stuff, as my creative side is of a high importance to me and I don’t ever want to leave it behind.

Looking through some of my work from my time at university made me feel a little nostalgic and appreciative of all that I’d done and all that I’d achieved.  Maybe I could have completed my final year; I might have been happier at a different university; perhaps I enrolled on the wrong course and should have pursued textiles instead of fashion.

No matter how much I question myself and wonder about would could have been, it won’t change my past or the choices I’ve made or the fact that I still love fashion.  Fashion will always have a special place in my heart and I couldn’t bear for it to be out of my life, so I’m glad that I’m getting my fashion mojo back.


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