Falling Over

I know it sounds bad, but there is nothing that makes me laugh more than someone falling over.  If I can tell that it is a bad fall and the person is seriously hurt, then I will not laugh at all, but I otherwise can’t stop myself.  Laughing just seems to be a natural reaction when it happens.

I just watched a video showing three people falling down or up escalators in the most ridiculous way, mainly because they were drunk, but it looked so funny.  One man’s fall was utterly confusing and it was bound to happen, due to the position he put himself in, which made it all the worse.

These were not really bad falls, as I watched a woman fall right from the top of an escalator right to the very bottom and it was not funny.  I stood there with my mouth wide open and was genuinely concerned for the woman’s safety.

Watching someone slip on the floor or fall up some stairs can be the funniest thing ever, as long as I can tell they’re okay and I’m not afraid to admit it.  It seems that I’m just a sucker for people falling over.



  1. So here is a laugh for you. I was walking with two of my friends and they were on the sidewalk and I was beside them in the grass. We were talking and walking and I found a hole. Down I went. My friend yells SAFE! and motions her arms. The other friend starts laughing and we all 3 are rolling and the poor guy who was walking towards us comes running up asking if I am okay and helping me up. I am sure he was thinking Oh my gosh, those women are crazy! We still laugh about it to this day! 🙂

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