A Lovely Day

Although today was cold and foggy with wet dirty ground, and I had another dreaded blood test, today really was a lovely day.  Visiting the special teachers that have had an impact on my life always makes me feel better and helps to drag me out of the darkness I find myself in.

My teachers always have words of wisdom and bundles of support to give me, which I greatly appreciate.  I was able to get some great careers advice, hear some understanding words and speak to those who have been on my journey with me.

My teachers did not judge me or talk to me like I was crazy, but they were more than willing to listen to my explanations and how I was feeling.  I know that these four amazing women have my best interests at heart and more than that, I know that they believe in me.

And to top it all off, I’ve enjoyed taking a nice refreshing walk, relaxing in front of the TV with my sister and talking to my best friend is so much smarter and more profound than I’ve realised.  I really like seeing new sides of the people in my life.

Today really was a lovely day for me and it feels like it’s given me the little nudge that I needed.  I hope to have more days that I enjoy  in spite of the grim weather and I feel slightly better about moving forward.


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