I believe that prayer is vitally important.  It is my lifeline that keeps me connected to God at all times.  Prayer is a powerful tool that not only keeps me connected to God, but also helps to develop my relationship with Him as we communicate one on one.

Over the years, I have been a witness to what prayer can do and it never ceases to amaze me.  Through prayer God works marvelous miracles, changes lives, mends broken relationships and rescues lost souls who are on the brink of destruction.  As you watch what takes place through prayer, you see that nothing is impossible with God on your side.

This has made me take prayer all the more seriously, because I have not only seen that it works but it has also strengthened my faith.  Praying in faith is essential, as it means that you are not just saying futile words and you are letting God know that you genuinely believe He will come through for you.

There was a time when I wouldn’t pray in faith, but I would pray because I believed that it was the right thing to do, which did not get me anywhere.  However, once I began to pray in faith I was able to see significant changes in my life and I was more accepting of what God had planned for me.

God does not always answer our prayers straight away or in the way we want Him to, because He knows what is best for us and it is not up to us to dictate the outcome of our prayer requests.  Sometimes you think God is late, but He is always on time; we need to keep in mind that God works on a different time scale to us.

Although God may not work on our time, He is able to listen to us at all times.  It still blows my mind when I think that God can hear every single one of our prayers during every second of every day.  God will always hear our prayer – no matter how small or quiet they will be, He will hear them.

However, it is not mandatory for us to kneel down and pray out loud with our eyes closed.  We can pray with our eyes open and our hands outstretched to Heaven.  We can pray silently in our heads and God will still hear us.  We can write down our prayers to God in a letter or a prayer journal (I keep a prayer journal and I find it really effective) and He will take note of them.

And don’t forget about having full on conversations with God.  Tell Him about your day, express your feelings when you’re struggling, thank Him for the many blessings in your life, ask Him for advice.  Just talk to Him about anything and listen out for an answer.  Although it may seem weird, especially as God is omnipresent so He knows these things already, He appreciates you coming to Him for some quality time and it develops the relationship so much more.

The great thing about God is that we can talk to Him about anything at anytime and He will never send us away or stop listening, no matter how much we wail, complain, shout or cry.  He has such an incredible amount of love for us that He has given us a permanent lifeline that connects us to him.

I am abundantly thankful for this, because I don’t know where I would be without the power of prayer.  It has saved my life, changed my life and transformed my life on numerous occasions, which I am eternally grateful for.  Ultimately, prayer is life saving and that is why I believe it is so vitally important.



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