How to Fall in Love

An honest and inspiring piece about love. I could not have said this any better.

Silver Lined Eyes


Well, dear reader, I have done it. I have finally found the solution to everyone’s ‘Forever Alone and stuffing our faces with carb-filled-foods’ problem. I have found the correct and never failing way to fall in love. It has taken a few years to properly situate all the data and facts but I believe I have done a marvelous job considering. Just follow these easy mutli-step steps and you will have it!


Are you ready to know the secret?

*Pauses for dramatic affect and waits for the audience to get excited*

The secret is…

There are no steps.

That’s it. None.

Please allow me to explain. I have seen multitudes of people mindlessly enrolling in sappy dating sites, scrolling through the jumbled mess of knowledge we know as the ‘internet’ and memorizing all the self-help ‘wear this perfume, smile like this and say this when you are ready’ books…

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