My Bed

I love my bed.  But I don’t just love my bed – I’m in love with my bed.  I’m crazy in love with my bed and nothing will ever change that, no matter what anyone says.

I always look forward to getting into my bed and going to sleep has to be one of my favourite parts of the day.  I get excited about laying my head down on my pillow and I love the warmth that my duvet provides, especially during the colder months.

My bed is my sanctuary, where I can lie back and read my beloved books or magazines, listen to music and spend endless hours speaking to my sister.  I’ll sit on my bed to write-up notes, cut out bits and pieces for my scrapbook or watch a movie on the laptop.

My bed is also my biggest comfort, as it is where I will stay wrapped up when I’m sick or in a lot of pain.  It is where I will curl up and cry after a difficult time, without it judging me or being a witness to my weakness.  It is where I can relax, let loose and be myself after a long, tiring or distressing day.

You may think I’m weird, but my bed is the safe haven that I can always rely on.  My bed doesn’t let me down or talk about me or think the worst of me, no matter what situation I find myself in.  It is always there waiting for me in my bedroom, ready to give me a sense of comfort and support whenever I need it.  I’ve just got so much love for my bed…



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