The Thorn on a Rose

I was just reading a basketball post about the Chicago Bulls defeat to the Utah Jazz and it was then that the Derrick Rose injury really hit me.

The Bulls will find a way into the playoffs, as they are a fighting team and they’ve had to get by without Rose before, but unfortunately they won’t be title contenders.  This bothers me, because it is now pretty obvious who the Eastern Conference contenders will be, which makes that half of the playoffs a lot less exciting.

However, what’s really gotten to me is that Derrick Rose has injured another knee and he will miss the remainder of the season.  He had already missed a full NBA season after tearing his ACL and I was so looking forward to seeing him play again.  But I didn’t get that chance and I won’t have that opportunity until the next NBA season, due to me not currently having ESPN.

It breaks my heart that such an amazing player is having to sit out again, because of yet another knee injury, and who knows if he will ever be the same when he eventually returns. Reading about the Bulls just brought it home to me and tears welled up in my eyes.

I have so much love for basketball – it is a sport that brings out a whirlwind of emotions in me and I’m not even one of the players.  So when a player – especially of Derrick Roses’s calibre – suffers such a terrible injury, my heart breaks for them.  And if my heart is breaking for Derrick Rose, imagine how he must be feeling right now…


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