On One

Today it seems like I’m on one.  Any little annoyance can set me off and then my mouth just starts running.  It’s probably cos I feel a little emotional and slightly sentimental today, but who knows why???

Despite my sentimental feelings and emotions running high, it doesn’t excuse how irritated I feel when people use empty words.  There are some things that do not need to be said – in fact, they just shouldn’t be said.

Why tell someone you care about that you were gonna “cuss them” when the fact is you didn’t.  What does this prove?  That you cared enough about the person not to cuss them.  What do you want?  A congratulations from holding back and not saying something that would hurt someone you care about?  Like, who the hell do you think you are?

And why talk as if you hate someone or wanna kill them, when you’ll eventually start speaking to them and refer to them in endearing terms.  There are certain words that are thrown around too much, when in reality they should not be used at all.

People should refrain from using empty words and say what they mean, because it adds nothing at all.  I just think it’s stupid and incredibly annoying.  Be true to who you are and the people around you, because it’s what is deserved.  But I guess this is too much to ask for, so today I’m on one.


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