Mixed Bunch

I’d say I have quite a mixed bunch of friends.  My friends have varying personalities, insights and points of view, which adds spice to the mixing bowl that is my life.  I, myself, have a variety of likes and dislikes, differing interests and a number of personality traits, which is why I am drawn to so many different types of people.

Some of my friends are on the quieter and slightly tamer side, while many others are more on the outgoing and wacky side.  I have bonded with certain individuals after spending long periods of time with them, but there are others that I click with immediately.  And there are friendships that have formed due to a mutual like of music genres, TV programmes, sports, or other common interests.

I am constantly smiling or laughing when talking to a friend from sixth form, because of her unique sense of humour and hilarious outlook on life – I can never seem to bring myself to delete our conversations.  I have a male friend that I have so much in common with that I see him as the male version of me and call him my twin.

I have a crazy friend who I don’t see as often as I’d like to, but I know that I can always talk to her and she’ll show her support.  One of my oldest friends can drive me crazy with his cockiness and silly antics, but he never fails to make me laugh.  And one of my newest friends is warm, tactile, a little on the [good] weird side and easy to talk to.

But one of my best friends is on a whole different level; she really is something else.  She is one of the most unique people I have ever met and I am always entertained by whatever she has to say.  Whenever I need advice or her opinion on a situation, I always look forward to her response because she will not hold back on her opinion.

My best friend is harsh, a little rude and absolutely hilarious, with her own personal outlook on the world.  She doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her and she’ll say what’s on her mind, no matter how bad it my sound.  I can always count on her honesty, although I may not always agree with what she says.

I know that she has my best intentions and at heart, which is why I value her opinion so highly.  She also helps to bring out the braver and more fiery side of me when necessary.  She encourages me to take chances and take action that will help me in making a success of my life, like starting up my blog.

She is special, just like each and every one of my friends who I love so much.  Without my mixed bunch of friends, my life would not be half as interesting and I would not have so many great memories.  So here’s to them, the beautiful mixture of people who brighten up my days…



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