Breaking Down

Sometimes it feels like my body is breaking down on me.  Although I am only 21, there are times when I feel like I am a lot older, because of what my body appears to be telling me.

I’ve felt ridiculously tired and run down over the years, because of the iron and blood levels my body has been lacking – having sickle-cell trait seems to have contributed to that.  I experience feelings of nausea way too regularly and I have no idea why, which is kind of annoying.

I get leg cramps, at least three colds a year and pains in my neck.  My nose has to be blown every day.  I get random chest pains and really bad headaches.  And recently, I’ve been dealing with regular stomach aches and annoying back aches, as well as some other things.

I don’t always understand what my body is trying to tell me or what is going wrong with it.  I try to stay as optimistic as possible, but my mind sometimes runs away with me and I find myself thinking the worst.  I’m just overreacting though and being the drama queen that I am.  My body isn’t breaking down on me… I hope.



  1. Hopefully it is nothing serious but on the lighter side, welcome to the world of getting older! 🙂 I too have found that as I age I get more aches and pains than I did when I was young and definitely get more colds! But it is okay, I am now the ripe old age of 46 and still kicking so you have a long time to go to get to all my aches and pains, hee hee. Hope you feel better soon!

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