Soul on Fire

I was recently asked to think about what sets my soul on fire, which I had never actually considered before.  This sent me on a thought process to help me figure out what makes me light up and what really makes me thrive.

I love reading.  I always have and I always will.  I like sitting back and reading a good book that makes my imagination run wild, or relaxing with a glossy magazine that feeds my mind.

For me, listening to music is special.  Nothing cheers me up, entertains me or uplifts me like music can.  It’s like medicine to my soul, awakening many memories and helping me to express what I can’t say out loud.

I always enjoy visiting art, fashion or costume exhibitions.  I not only gain more knowledge on a particular subject, but I also get the opportunity to see amazing pieces up close.  Exhibitions are usually a once in a lifetime experience, which makes attending them all the more enjoyable for me.

Of course, writing is my passion.  I love when I am hit with an idea that inspires me to write a play, a sermon, a story or a blog post.  Writing allows me to express myself fully and I am also able to use this gift for God.

Watching a number of sports brings me joy, but basketball is definitely my ultimate favourite.  I love the plays, athleticism and excitement it brings, especially in college basketball.  Watching basketball allows me to escape while being entertained by the sport that I love.

I love going on a good walk, but walking in the sunshine really makes me happy.  I think this is because I am in love with the sun, which always makes me feel brighter and positive.

But most of all, I light up when spending time with family and friends – I was so happy to spend some time with my uncle who lives in America, as I really don’t see him enough.  The people I love mean the world to me, so I enjoy spending quality time with them and creating lasting memories.  I have a lot of fun with the people in my life and going out with them is always lovely.

These particular things make me a more positive person and they really help me to enjoy life more.  I just think that I need to spend a little more time doing some of them…



  1. I do what I do because its all I know how. I use a phone which can be a pain. I wish I was as creative and was more computer literate. I know nothing is organized on my profile _ in someone else’s eyes it may resemble a bomb site. Thank you

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