I hate injustice.  I hate that it is still so rife in these recent years, when we have supposedly come so far.  I hate when the justice system fails individuals and their families, but those in power seem to find some way to cover their backs and escape the blame.  I hate when those in power hide from their mistakes and allow the people below them to suffer.

I recently watched The Central Park Five, a documentary film about five black and latino teenagers who were wrongly accused and convicted of the brutal rape on a white woman in Central Park in New York.

I watched in disbelief as these five young men explained how they were coerced into giving false confessions by the police, and I saw their videotape confessions which did not add up at all.  The case itself seemed to be shoddily handled and of course, racial prejudices got in the way of logical thinking.

When the young men were eventually released and their convictions were finally overturned, because the actual culprit came forward, the press coverage was far less than when they were originally charged.  Although these young men had finally been proven innocent, in some ways they were still seen as guilty.  And to make matters worse, the police stated that they did nothing wrong and they were also “found” to have done nothing wrong.

I was shocked as I saw how unfair and ridiculous this whole incident was, from the way the case was initially handled to the coverage in the press when the men were finally cleared and found innocent of their crimes.  I was also very emotional and had tears in my eyes as I saw the devastation that this crime of injustice had caused in all of their lives.

These boys were wrongly charged in 1989, many years after the end of segregation, showing that racism was still very much alive and injustice was still allowed to prevail.  In fact, racism is still alive and injustice continues to prevail today – just look at the case of Trayvon Martin.

There are many times when I am ashamed of the world we live in and the society that has been created, in which some think they are better than others and have the right to exercise [the wrong sort] of power over them.  It makes me sick to my stomach.

What I want is to live in a world where we all support each other, do what’s right and strive to make it the best living environment possible, but I know this will never happen.  However, I should be able to live in a world where justice prevails…



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