A friend of mine has a photo up showing a beautiful quote which reads: “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour. / Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart.”

Forgiveness is an amazing action designed to help us let go of the wrongs done to us and leave them in the past.  If we ask and repent, God forgives us for every single sin we commit and buries it in the deepest depths of the ocean, so they are never thought of again.

God asks that we forgive the wrongdoings of others, just as he forgives us for the sins we commit.  He also wants us to leave those bad or hurtful actions in the past, so that we don’t replay them over and over again in the future.

However, this can be the most difficult thing to do and it is definitely an aspect of forgiveness I am struggling with.  It’s dwelling on me now, more than ever, that I have not let go of a lot of the hurt caused by the actions of others in the past and it is affecting the way I view my relationships; in fact, it affects the way I act in my relationships.

I’ve also realised that there are certain individuals I have not fully forgiven, even though I thought I had.  Not only are my struggles to fully forgive and let go making me a prisoner of my past, but they are also hurting my heart, which is why the quote my friend has up really touches me.

When God forgives us of our sins, He also wants us to be able to forgive ourselves and forget about them, just as He does.  There is no point in asking God to forgive you and then continue to punish yourself – it will just hurt you, kill you inside and prevent you from making the best out of your life.

Forgiveness is a choice, but forgiveness is the best choice.  Forgiving someone not only helps you to grow as a better person, but it also helps you to grow into a happier person.  There’s not point on holding on to the bad when there’s so much good out there to be found, if you just look for it.

With God’s help, I’m trying my best to forgive, because I don’t want to be dealing with these trials of the heart anymore.  Why don’t you do the best thing for you and forgive that person today?  Because “Forgiveness doesn’t excuse their behaviour. / Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from destroying your heart”.



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