I’ve come to the conclusion that I really do like sports; I actually have a lot of love for sports.  But when I say I have a lot of love for sports, I mean I really enjoy watching them.  However, I do wish I pursued a sport when I was younger so I would be good at playing a sport now.  This is probably one of my few regrets, but such is life.

Anyway, over the years I’ve began taking a stronger interest in sports and I now enjoy watching more of them.  There are times when I’m ready to go to bed, but I’ve gotten so into a game or a match that I stay up to watch the spectacular plays and see the final result for myself.  I’m genuinely interested in learning about the rules and terminology, so that I can get a proper understanding of what is going on, instead of just watching for the fun of it.  I realised that I truly like watching sports.

Of course, my favourite sport is basketball.  I love the intensity and buzz of the game, especially when the game is fast-paced.  I look forward to seeing the pretty plays or the crazy skills demonstrated by talented players.  I sit in awe watching their athleticism, grace and speed.  The players entertain me as I watch them ankle break their opponent with a sick cross-over, score a contested 3-pointer, posterize their opposition with a dunk and make those really fun circus-shots.

I look forward to watching the NBA and WNBA playoffs, while the excitement boils up inside of me as March draws nearer and I enjoy the March Madness that college basketball brings.  I cheer on my LA Lakers no matter how they’re performing and I’m eagerly anticipating Kobe Bryant’s return.  I’m always excited to see the Minnesota Lynx play and watch as one of favourite players, Maya Moore, grow from one of the greatest women’s college basketball players to potentially one of the greatest WNBA players.  Each year, UConn’s women’s basketball stirs up so many emotions, as I will them on to win every single game.  And I’ve got a lot of love for Duke’s men’s team as well.

Basketball is the sport I’m most passionate about, but I’m really into athletics as well.  As a Jamaican, its great watching Usain Bolt and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce dominate the sprints, or seeing if the men’s relay team will break yet another record.  As a Grenadian, it’s been so exciting to see Kirani James’s journey so far as a 400m runner and because he’s so young, he has a lot further to go.  My highlight of the 2012 Olympic games had to be Kirani winning the first gold medal for Grenada, I was so happy.

I’ve got a lot of love for darts, which is a fun sport to watch and it does not go on for exceptionally long periods of time – the rowdy crowd, the unique entrances of the players and the commentator also add a lot to the game.  I like watching tennis, especially the major championships like Wimbledon or the US Open, as I sit and cheer on Andy Murray or Rafael Nadal.    Swimming is exciting to watch as well, specifically during the Olympics or World Championships – I’m really sad that the gorgeous Michael Phelps retired though, he was my favourite.

Recently though, I’ve gotten into American Football and I really enjoy watching NFL games.  I get fired up when I see the touchdowns or unexpected rushes, I am excited some of the spectacular passes from the quarterback and I sit there in anticipation, waiting to see if a field goal will be missed.  Their celebrations are a lot of fun as well; it makes me laugh and smile when they dance.  It’s also nice watching the 49ers, who’s quarterback is the gorgeous Colin Kaepernick – he really does have a lovely face.

I don’t mind watching certain major competitions either.  I’m partial to a bit of cricket during the World Cup or other big tournaments, especially when England or the West Indies are playing.  I was also surprised to find myself really getting into the Ryder Cup last year, as Europe made that huge comeback to beat the Americans and retain their title.

I’m very much a girly girl, but I’m a sports lover at heart, so people shouldn’t underestimate me.  I actually do know more than they think.  They don’t see who I am behind closed doors and they don’t really know who I am under the surface of the skirts and pigtails.  There’s a lot more to me than meets the eye…


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