Don’t Belong

All of us want to belong, don’t we?  I guess it’s just human nature.  We want to feel like we fit in or have a purpose in the world; it all adds to feelings of value and self-worth.  However, I’ve never really felt like I belong.

For many years, I’ve felt like I don’t belong in the world.  I’m just a random girl, who at times feels invisible and undervalued, wondering exactly why I’m here.  I don’t really know where I truly fit, which has had a significant effect on the way I view myself and how I perceive my relationships.

I always seem to feel like the odd one out, who’s trying to find a way to fit in and feel like I’m part of something.  Wherever I am, I always seem to be floating around like a dandelion but never really feeling comfortable enough to settle.  Yeah, I am a bit of a free spirit and I like being around different groups of people, but I want to feel as if I truly fit when I do stop floating.

I don’t want to be a try-hard, so sometimes I hold back and become more reserved.  I prefer to stand out rather than conform, which means that not everyone will like me.

I’ve tried being what and who others want me to be so that I could have some sense of belonging, but it was just too hard.  I lost myself in the process and it was killing me emotionally.  Now, I’m just me and if people don’t like it, then it’s their loss.

Nevertheless, I would love to finally settle and find my place in the world.  Nothing would make me happier, because all I want to is to feel like I really do belong…



  1. Be the very best you you can be, it is a job that no one else on the planet can do! We are each unique and within everyone of us is something that the world needs! Stand out because it is what you want to do, forget about what others think, 99% of people are only thinking about themselves with only about 10% of their brains anyways… Life becomes amazing when you put yourself out there! Go For It.

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